Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quick Trip

David told me a while back that "we are not going to sit still" this year.   So, he planned a quick trip to Atlanta so we could go see the musical Once, which I have been begging to see for a while.  The kids were just excited because they got to stay in a hotel.  I love the fact that hotels are so magical to my kids.  It just happens that Bob and Sonia were in Atlanta for market so they were kind enough to take the kids out for dinner and to Lego World so David and I could go to the show.  It was an awesome night out for us. We ended up meeting with my childhood friend, Erika out after the show.  It was so great to see her after 20 years.  All was good until we got back to the hotel.  Griffin woke up the second we walked in the door and I ended up pulling him into bed.  Bad mistake!!  One can only imagine how that ended.  A big thud, some crying and a good bruise on the top of his head…poor baby.  He is such a tough guy.  That morning we had breakfast and headed out of Atlanta and made an impromptu trip to Chatanooga.  We stopped by this great park because the weather was amazing.  The kids slid down hills on cardboard boxes and then we walked to a cool, little hot dog shop for lunch.  It was an awesome afternoon to close out our quick weekend trip.

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